Tahu Bergedil, Rojak Bandung, Takoyaki, Goreng Pisang

Are you ready for an ultimate snack feast with your family? Look no further than Halal home based vendor D.web.bow who specialises in delicious Japanese Takoyaki, Rojak Bandung, Tahu Bergedil and Goreng Pisang complete with a bottle or two of Thai Iced Tea!

Anyone who would have tried Takoyaki would have fallen for this popular Japanese snack. D.web.bow, however, takes a delightful twist to it by introducing Charcoal into its Takoyaki balls. Greyish black in colour, these takoyakis are distinct in colour and would add a wonderful addition to your snack party table.

Fillings of your preference, enjoy an array of crab, sausage cheese or prawn takoyaki in the comfort of your home. Also available in spicy (red takoyakis), we love how soft and chewy the overall interior of the takoyakis which makes it such a delight to snack on. The generous sprinkle of bonito flakes on the takoyaki also makes a wonderful touch of sea flavour.

A refreshing mixture of Cucumber, Turnip, Pineapple, KangKong, Tofu, Cuttlefish all perfectly blended in a mildly sweet and spicy Rojak Bandung sauce, we can attest this is one of the best local salads we have around here!

Bite sized and deep-fried to golden brown perfection, these goreng pisang are super satisfying and filling especially when you’re looking for a pick-me-up in the afternoon. Generously drizzled with a large portion of chocolate and cheese sprinkles, we truly appreciate the blend of crisp, sweet with a tinge of sourness in every bite. Have this dessert with your bottle of fragrant Thai Milk Tea, it’s make a wonderful afternoon snack.

Sambal kicap $5 (sauce separated)
Cheese Choco $5
Cheese Rainbow $5
Cheese Milo $5.50
Cheese Nutella $6
Cheese Matcha $6.50 (NEW!)

Another one of our favourite, these tahu bergedil are crisp, huge and definitely filling. Drizzle any amount of its homemade Chilli Kicap, bite into these deep fried potato beef patties with its chilli padi, it makes a meal by itself because it’s so satisfying!

Original size (10 Pieces)
Beef Tahu Bagedil – $10
Creamycheese T.Bagedil – $15

Mini (Bite Size)
12 Piece – $8

It’s hard to resist D.web.bow snacks and desserts and it’s a definite must-try!

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