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Why Halalke?

We interact with food on a daily basis. As muslims, it is important that we ensure that our food sources comes from clean and excellent places. We believe that it is important to have easy access to halal databases, wherever you are and whenever you need to.

What’s the grand idea?

Our vision is to create cheaper & effective halal verification processes for merchants and consumers. We believe that halal certification should be much more affordable and the halal verification process more effective and real-time with the use of technology.

What’s next?

Please allow us some time to verify your submission. We may contact you for your assistance to furnish further details. Your listings may be approved with any notifications.

Can I add more than one listing?

Yes! You may add more than one listing even if you do not own the food business. Your efforts would help us create a better database of halal food places. We may transfer the food listing to the business if they request for a transfer.

Can I add listings from other countries?

Yes! You may add listings from other countries even though we may wait a while before publishing the listings. This is to allow us some time to collect a certain number of listings in a city before publishing it out.

Any other questions we can answer?

Simply email us at We’ll be happy to answer your queries!