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The Dacquoise (pronounced da-kwaz) is truly the work of a sweet goldsmith.

For many of us who already know so much about meringues, these dacquoises a lovely welcome to our sweet lives!

Typically, a dacquoise is a dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream on a buttery biscuit base. The talented Halal home based baker of My Aphrodisiac makes these dacquoise so irresistible that it’s hard to share them!

Historically speaking, dacquoise is said to have originated from the south of France but its known date remains to be known. What is known is that this cake became increasingly popular in England in the 1790s when many French chefs moved there and began serving French desserts to the English upper class.

Made to a spongy texture, these dacquoise are crisp and meringue-like on the outside. In its inside, you are welcome to a wonderfully soft, moist and flavourful filling. While its main ingredients include nuts and egg whites, it’s so easy to forget especially when you’re appreciate the pure decadence of this dessert.

Sandwiched with various fillings of Mocha Cino, Sirap Limau, Coco Passion, Earl Grey, Berry Pistachio and Caramel Machiato, it’s truly difficult to pick a favourite. Simply because each dacquoise possess its own character!

Dedicated truly for coffee lovers, we love the Mocha Cino dacquoise where its made of delicious Coffee Cream Cheese, chocolate ganache and chocolate pearls. The luxurious combination of flavours is something you’ll remember!

We love the blend of local favourite flavours with a decadent touch! The mix of Rose Cream Cheese, tropical Lime Curd with nutty Toasted Almond makes this such an iconic flavour to Sunny Singapore!

Sweet and sour with a tropical vibe of passionfruit curd, this Coco Passion is also made with Cream Cheese and juicy coconut flakes. It’s refreshing, it’s cool and we love this number too!

The classic flavour of earl grey is evident in this one. With the cream cheese and chocolate ganache, it’s surprisingly not overwhelmed by the zesty fruity candied orange. Have this with a cup of earl grey tea if you’re looking into accentuate the overall Earl Grey flavour.

This reminds us of a luxurious Middle Eastern dessert with a European blend. We love the nutty crunchy toasted pistachio layered with Pistachio Cream cheese and mixed with a tingly and sweet sour raspberry jam. The blend of flavours is truly unique and makes you crave for more!

Imagine biting into a Caramel Machiato dessert. This is it! Light espresso notes from the coffee cream cheese with a wonderful finish of salted caramel and chocolate pearls. Need we say more?

One box of My Aphrodisiac dacquoise is definitely not enough! Get yours today!

The dacquoise sampler set is $30 / box of 6. Self collect @ jurong or delivery at a flat fee of $12.

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