Hey there!

We’re not trying to be intimidating but just laying the guides so that it’s easier for us to help you list your favourite food places in a neat and tidy manner. Afterall, who doesn’t like a neater directory right?

  • Pictures are a must… PLeeasee??
    What’s a food directory without good, smell-inducing, finger licking good pictures right?
    We personally wouldn’t check a place out without knowing how good/bad a food served looks!
  • Address/Addresses too are a must!
    Goes without saying – how else do we find the food place?
  • The rest?
    Just try your best. If you can fill it up, it’s great. If not, we’ll try to help you figure out and fill in the blanks. Don’t sweat the small stuff, they always use to say!

Go crazy, have fun and we hope that what we’ve built is useful for you!