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Anyone can appreciate and love English scones because anyone would love indulging in scones with a warming cup of tea!

Halal home based bakers, Afiqah & Freda bake some amazing scones with a twist of flavours at @scone.folks !

Generous and gigantic in size, that’s what we first love about these triangular scones. The fragrant scent of these scones are both mesmerising and truly inspiring as you wonder what it would taste like with your favourite afternoon cup of tea.

Indeed, Scone Folks Summer-Tea English Scones Assortment which comes in unique flavours of Vanilla Chai Tea, Matcha with Lemon Glaze and Earl Grey Honey where you quickly get your hands on and take your first bite!

Soft and tender, the Vanilla Chai Tea scones reminds spiced vanilla in a lovely hot cup of chai tea! The resemblance is uncanny only that with these scones, you’re indulging in them. A mix of wonderful spices of cinnamon, clover, cardamon blended beautifully with the vanilla icing is truly breathtaking.

The beautiful green hue of the matcha scone is something we truly appreciate. One bite is all it takes to fall in love with the flavours of earthy green tea mixed with a slight vibe of zingy and tarty lemon!

Refreshing yet calming, we love these blends of flavours in every bite! If you’re one to love earthy matcha tea notes with a invigorating twist, the MATCHA LEMON GLAZE is definitely for you!

A classic flavour, earl grey is a popular one among many patrons. Bold yet light, charming and calm, we love the mix of flavours between earl grey, honey and dried lavender flowers as it achieves a nice balance of overall sweetness with floral citrusy notes. How wonderful it is to sip a cup of tea along with this one!

Need we say more? Get your Summer-Tea Assortment Scones from @scone.folks today!

Current Summer-Tea Assortment Launch (June-Aug): $23   
– Delivery (West): $7   
– Delivery (Islandwide): $10

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