By Hirah

Maggi Goreng, shakshuka

Recently, we got to try the minced beef shakshuka and Maggi Goreng from @by.hirah and it’s something you have to try from the halal home-based seller!

Shakshuka, a super popular Middle Eastern and North African dish is much loved dish by many here too in Singapore.

A traditional dish with its original roots from the Ottoman Empire, many chefs have their own take on a shakshuka recipe but essentially, the primary ingredients include onions, garlic, tomatoes, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, minced beef and eggs!

What’s appealing about this shakshuka is also the lovely soft cooked eggs laid atop a bed of thick reduced tomato sauce with peppers. It’s fragrant and wonderful that you’re so enticed to dig right in with a flatbread.

The Maggi goreng on the other hand comes with a kick of spice and heat we’re sure it’ll knock you off your chair! However fret not, @by.hirah Maggi goreng is super tasty you’ll be addicted to it in no time, wanting more of the forkful of spicy springy noodles!

What makes the Maggi goreng so delicious is definitely the chilli sambal used to cook into the noodles where it is flavourful, garlicky and spicy.

Bits of chicken meat complements the dish well giving it a great umami taste to the overall Maggi Goreng!

Get your shakshuka and Maggi Goreng from @by.hirah today!

🍽 SHAKSHUKA $7 / $13 ( no breads included )
• serves 1 / 2 paxs

• serve 1 pax only

PROMO (valid till 31.12.21)
Delivery promos for healthcare workers
$6 flat delivery fee for Sengkang and Punggol residents

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