Buttery Squares

Checkerboard Cookies

Don’t these checkered board cookies look so fun? Indeed, Buttery Squares, a Halal home based baker makes them so attractive and truly fitting for festivities!

The dark checkering here is a chocolate espresso dough, and the light is a basic vanilla dough. We love eating the two together like this in a cookie! Soft, buttery, and crumbly, so if your crispy tooth is having a craving, it’ll have to wait for another day.

Once you bite, you get a taste of espresso chocolate, cocoa and vanilla all within the Premium Checkerboard Cookies. Pair it with your afternoon tea or coffee, it’s so addictive too.

While we know that making these checkerboard designs does take a bit of rolling, chilling, cutting, and stacking, the baker has done it patiently because evidently the overall design is seamless and gorgeous!

Get your Checkerboard Cookies from Buttery Squares!

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