Miss Tumis

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik

Miss Tumis, a Halal home based vendor specialising in traditional Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik has gotten us drooling and wanting more! The Nasi Kerabu, a typical Kelantanese dish, which is often accompanied with shredded vegetables, salted eggs, fried fish or chicken is loved by many across Singapore and Malaysia.

This complex Malaysian dish consists of tinted rice that is served alongside various accompaniments and while the Nasi Kerabu can vary in colour, the distinct blue rice remains to be the star of the dish. The result of cooking together the rice with the petals of the butterfly pea flower essentially makes the rice a beautiful blue!

The base for the sauce is coconut milk which is used in cooking. Other ingredients normally include shallots, dried chili and lemongrass, lime, fish sauce and herbs such as Thai basil leaves and Vietnam coriander. Others include cilantro, mint, ginger and turmeric. Hence, with all these herbs and spices used to make Nasi Kerabu, it’s truly a scrumptious meal!

Eaten alongside the essential accompaniments which includes the freshly made urap of long beans, bean sprouts, cabbage, or cucumbers that are generously seasoned with fresh herbs, it’s a burst of flavours and textures.

And oh, don’t forget the kerupuk for that extra crunch!

Miss Tumis Nasi Kerabu is one for the win and we can’t wait for the next occasion so we can order more!

Available platters and bento boxes (all sets comes with ayam percik, coconut fish floss, spicy coconut sauce, salted egg, urap herbs veggie salad and fish crackers

3-4pax platter – $42
2pax platter – $22
Bento Box – $10

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