The Original Dumpling Man


We don’t know about you but we can eat dumplings any time of the day and that’s how exactly we feel about @theoriginaldumplingman chicken dumplings!

Freshly prepared and made to order, this dumplings are made by Muslim owned vendor The Original Dumpling Man where the owner expertly hand-moulds each dumpling into perfection.

However you wish to prepare it – deep fried, steamed or boiled in a hot piping soup – every bite you will have is super comforting!

We know how tedious the process of making dumplings. From ensuing that the dough is made from scratch to stretching it out to preparing the fillings with fresh ingredients. For starters, we love how the dumpling wrappers are tender and thin, with a silky mouthfeel. The chicken fillings are generously held together with an explosion of flavours to savour.

In traditional Chinese culture, dumplings are indeed a diet staple. Considered a delicious alternative to rice and noodles, dumplings are seen as the perfect and well-balanced meal to have since it has all the nutritions of protein, vegetable and carbohydrates. It’s never too greasy, deliciously flavoured and most important of all, it’s filling and truly comforting.

To emulate this, we cooked up a storm in the kitchen and made some delicious dumpling soup with other fresh ingredients like broccoli, bamboo shoots, black fungus mushrooms, leeks and garlic.

These dumplings are obviously the main star of the dish. The blend of flavours is just wonderful. From its minced chicken and chopped vegetables including ground water chestnuts that gives an extra crunch amidst the soft and succulent dumpling itself – it’s really a perfect one dish meal!

Hence, get yours from The Original Dumpling Man to make your very dumpling dishes!

Price List
20 for $16
30 for $24
40 for $32
50 for $40

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