AisBerg Sg

Air Batu Ice Lollies

When we came across @AisBergSg a wave of childhood nostalgia hit us like a wave! @AisBergSg a home bases Halal vendor that specialises in Air Batu or flavoured iced lollies gives all of us a wonderful cold blast from the past with its many flavoured ice lollies!

Hipster lollies to some, we love them all the same. Get your flavours for your party needs from AisBerg SG

Solero lime
Zesty Lime with Vanilla

Sweet Corn Milk with corn bits

Soft chewable bandung milk

Imagine the wonderful chocolate taste with a hint of roasted nut flavor!

Blue oreo with oreo bits
Dedicated to cookies and cream lovers!

Ice blended MangoFloat

Sweet and sour is indeed a lovely combination!

Melon milk
Rich and creamy sweet overtones of honeydew and cantaloupe!

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