Baklava Rings or traditionally known as Asawer El Sit carries the meaning of Lady’s Bracelets in Arabic. Typically, these bracelets are sparkly and lovely to gaze at.

The Baklava Rings made by its founder Iffah Aziz ( are exactly that – glazey and lovely to set your eyes upon the moment it presents itself to you.

Even better, these baklava rings are edible and are meant to be savoured slowly in pleasure.

With a wide range of flavours, these Baklava Rings are smothered in flavours like Nutella, Ovomaltine, White Choco, Salted Caramel and pure fruits like Durian, Chempedak and Strawberries.

Indeed, it is difficult to stop at one because there are a plenty to try and before you know, you’ve ravished through a whole box by yourselves in one seating.

Price list: mix box $28 /Full durian or cempedak box $30 / delivery island wide $10

Opening hours: Depends on the slot. Mostly every friday and Saturday

Contact details:91857935 or DM

Founder’s names: (Iffahaziz)

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