Tako Tako By Nurul

Tako Tako By Nurul

Tako Tako By Nurul is Muslim Owned and a Halal home based business specialising in Tako Balls. Tako Balls, also know as Takoyaki is a popular street food in Singapore where it has become a staple snack food especially to Halal Japanese food lovers.

Takoyakis are addictive similar to dumplings because they are in an adorable bite-sized shape of balls where you could easily pop one too many at one go! And the Tako Tako made By Nurul are no different.

Serve these Tako Tako By Nurul pieces of heaven at parties or enjoy them as warming snacks.

The common ingredients used are essentially bonito flakes (Katsuobushi), flour, eggs, mayonnaise with ingredient fillings of

Price list:
$9 for 12 balls
$10 for 12 balls with cheese sauce

Contact details: @takotakobynurul
Founder’s names: Nurul Huda

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