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Ramadan Specials Teri-Glazed with Nasi Ayamz by Amy and Chickz

Amy and Chickz latest dish for your Iftar this Ramadan includes the delicious Teri-Glazed with Nasi Ayamz! Dig into the Teri-glazed chicken wings that’s immersed in the wonderful flavours of Japanese Teriyaki sauce with an overall chicken umami taste. We also love other ingredients encapsulated in the chicken: garlic, ginger, citrus, and sesame! Well-balanced in flavours and oh so tasty!

We love the crackly and crispy skin of the chicken wings which goes so well with the fluffy homemade chicken rice. The hot and spicy sambal condiment is a must with this dish where it truly completes your Iftar meal.

Your Nasi Ayamz can be customised where you’re able to pick your favourite flavoured chicken (hot, spicy mayo, BBQ, Buttery and Teri-Glazed) with side of our home-made chilli sos!

Amy and Chickz is a halal home based business that serves fried chicken wings in various flavours.

Founded by Razmi, Amy and Chickz creates a variety of flavoured and juicy chicken wings from zesty to spicy for your party needs! The five signature flavours are Buttery Chicken, Teri-Glazed, BB-Q Chicken, Hot, and Spicy Mayo.

The Buttery chicken is indeed an indulgence. One would know that fried butter batter is one of a must-try. It’s rich, creamy and sinfully good that you’d forgive yourself for loving this recipe. Akin to buttery popcorn, this is one finger licking good butter fried chicken wing!

Teri-glazed is also another favourite. Kids-friendly, these are also dedicated to those who love anything with a Japanese teriyaki base. Sweet and tangy with the right pinch of umami, Teri-glazed marinades are always the best too!

A staple in every fried chicken wing platter is the BBQ Chicken. The simple yet addictive taste of sweet, sour, and smokey flavours gets you hooked on these wings all at once!

The Hot flavoured Amy and Chickz chicken wings calls for those who love a little heat in their wings. We could taste a mixture of hot pepper sauce and Worcestershire sauce in this one and we absolutely love it!

Spicy Mayo is another flavour one could easily get hooked on. Spicy mayo is easily a flavour powerhouse. A mix palate of spice, creamy and rich all in once is exactly what gets you wanting more than just a wing or two.

Another addition worth mentioning is Amy and Chickz ranch sauce. Made from fresh buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion, mustard and other fresh herbs like chives, parsley and dill, this delicious concoction is mixed evenly into mayonnaise. Once you’ve tried it, it’s not hard to understand why this ranch dressing is so good. It’s creamy without being heavy, with a good herbal kick and a subtle garlic presence. Dip the veggie sticks even the wings in and you’d get a great companion for your Netflix binge.

Price list:

Flavored Chicken

10 pieces – $12
20 pieces – $22
30 pieces – $33
50 pieces – $55

Mac & Cheese
Serve 1 – $12
Serve 2 – $20

Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday
Do order 1 day before!

Contact details : +6591511693

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  1. Bestest Ranch Sauce ever!

    Their ranch sauce is the bomb!! Bestest dips… My kids will always dip their chips/fries.. Love their buttery Chicken the most.. Recommend to really try it… Freshly cook & delivered.

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