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Traditional Desserts

It always puts a smile on one’s face when you take your first bite into a dessert you have so much nostalgia for! Eatz by Yatz desserts gives that exact vibe with their traditional homemade treats which have you rave about the good old days.

Eatz by Yatz is a Halal Home Based vendor that specialises in traditional kuihs and desserts for the young and old.

Founded by Yatz, Eatz by Yatz is loved by patrons who appreciates good signature desserts like Talam Berlauk Daging and Kuih Jongkong.

Similar traits of the Chinese yam cakes, Talam Berlauk Daging is a traditional Malay kuih that is made from yam and rice flour as its base and flavoured minced beef, fried shallots and chilli as its toppings. Steamed to perfection, these Talam Berlauk Daging are so aromatic and a filling treat for anyone who would choose to skip rice or noodles for their dinner.

What we also love about the Talam Berlauk Daging is its generous fillings of lauk (referring to the sautéed beef toppings and seasonings) on top of its base.

Kuih Jongkong is another Malay traditional kuih. A layered dessert made from rice flour, coconut milk, pandan extract, and brown sugar, Kuih Jongkong is made up of two separate layers – the rice flour on the top and a vibrant green pandan layer at the bottom. Stir in the gula melaka sugar syrup altogether, you’d get a wonderful spectacle mix of colour and flavours of the kampung days!

Kuih Jongkong can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature. Some like it served cold as it resembles ice cream! Either way, Jongkong by EATZ by Yatz is a real treat!

Price list:
$2 – $10

Opening hours: 1pm – 7pm

Contact details : @eatz_by_yatz

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