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There are numerous Bomboloni doughnuts in Singapore but we’re glad to have tried the ones from KDT Delicacies. A home based Halal bakery that specialises in sweet treats including Italian Bombolonis, cakes and cupcakes, KDT Delicacies bomboloni are irresistibly light and delicious!

Deep fried, coated in granulated sugar and filled with a cream filling, these bomboloni are crazily addictive. It’s never too sweet regardless its thick filling. Traditionally, bomboloni are usually stuffed with pastry cream but KDT Delicacies gives a new twist by filling it up with Dark Chocolate, Lychee Bandung, Apple Crumble, Blueberry, Earl Grey Chocolate and Cookies & Cream.

What we love is its homemade, light, fluffy, sugary clouds overall texture that makes an easy feat to order more than a box for you and your loved ones!

Established in 2014, KDT delicacies first ventured into baking cakes and cupcakes. More recently, the home based bakery delved into baking doughnuts. Artisanal in nature, each doughnut is made with sincerity, love, and passion. Having traditional and contemporary flavours ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy. A perfect way to end a meal or even start with it. Providing you with a little piece of heaven in every bite

Try these treats as they are incredibly yummy!

Served for breakfast and snack or just about anytime you want, KDT Delicacies Bomboloni makes a great addition to your party table.

Common ingredients used: Milk, Flour, Yeast, Eggs & Creativity and Inspirations. =P
Price list: $12/ 5pcs Mix Flavours:
Dark Chocolate
Lychee Bandung
Apple Crumble
Earl Grey Chocolate
Cookies & Cream

Opening hours: Pre Orders
Contact details: +6598807619
Founder’s names: Kassim Danial Tsughiarto

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