The Lab SG

The Lab SG is a halal restaurant-cafe serving halal foods. Inspired by the "Breaking Bad", they experiment with food!

The Lab SG is a halal restaurant-cafe serving halal foods in Singapore. The hipster cafe was inspired by the show “Breaking Bad”. For instance, they serve the signature HeisenBurger. Specifically. the burger features grilled beef patty, with bacon, blue cheese, garlic mayo and served with sweet potato fries.

Moreover, the interior of the cafe resembles a science laboratory with test tubes, prescription bottles, and droppers! Their motto is to experiment with food.

Some items on the menu are:

Margherita pizza, Magic mushroom pizza and Pepperoni pizza. Some examples of pasta include Aglio Olio with mushroom or beef pepperoni, turkey bacon or shrimps. Otherwise, have Smoked Duck Aglio Olio! Are you salivating already? In addition, they also have pesto pasta and carbonara pasta. Furthermore, there is also a section of where The Lab experiments with ingredients. For instance are

Mussels asparagus pasta, salmon pesto cream pasta, salted egg yolk pasta and Salmon seaweed wasabi cream pasta. Of course, you can even choose the level of spiciness for your meal!

As well as a menu of Bagelwiches with an assortment of ingredients like grilled vegetable, turkey bacon egg and smoked salmon dill. You’re able to choose to have a Plain bagel, Onion bagel or Cinnamon Bagel.

Additionally, some peculiar beverages are Amek Gao Shakerato which is an intense, potent drink; doppio espresso served in a plastic beaker with ice cubes and condensed milk. Otherwise, sit back and relax on cold-pressed juices or milkshakes!

Find their menu here.


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