Apam Balik & Putu Bambu

Apam Balik or peanut pancake is everyone’s favourite afternoon snack! Also known as Terang Bulan, apam balik is a popular dessert common in many varieties at specialist roadside stalls throughout Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. ZR SG is a Halal home based Muslim Owned vendor that specialises in this wonderful pancake that comes in various flavours including traditional peanut and cream corn with splendid alternatives including chocolate, cheese and oreo!

We also love how the thickness of an Apam Balik is just right. With a beautiful brown crisp layer on the exterior with a soft, slightly chewy dense interior, the apam balik is folded in half with the selected toppings tucked neatly within. Fragrant and filling, this Apam Balik is best paired with your favourite cup of tea!

ZR also specialises in traditional Putu Bambu or Bamboo Rice Cakes. White as snow, these Putu Bambu is a steamed cake made from rice flour and filled with delicious aromatic palm sugar, making this snack one of the most addictive treat! It is freshly steamed with banana leaves and prepared in bamboos, thus bearing its Bambu name!

We love the generous toppings of grated coconut shavings that completely covers it. Soft, fluffy and truly fragrant, its interior bares the brown melted palm sugar that fills your sweet gula melaka cravings.

You no longer need to wait in line with a queue for islandwide delivery by ZR is available. Hence, it’s about time you get your favourite Apam Balik and Putu Bambu from ZR!

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