Wondermilk Halal restaurant-cafe serving wondrous cupcakes, cakes, cookies and Halal western foods!

Wondermilk is a Halal restaurant-cafe serving Halal foods of Western cuisine in Malaysia. Specifically, they are better known for their cupcakes and cakes.

Wondermilk first made its debut in the humble home kitchens of its founders. Then, they moved to its first outlet at Uptown Damansara, Malaysia. In addition to pretty-looking cupcakes, Wondermilk comes up with wondrous cupcake flavours! Try their Foxy Red Velvet, Salted Caramella, Choc Marshmallow Surprise and John Lemon. Also, Wondermilk serves cupcakes like Pandan Gula Melaka, Gula Hangus and Apam Balik.

The cupcakes are perfect because they are chewy, fluffy and moist with flavour on the inside and crisp on the outside. The cupcakes are usually decorated beautifully.

Aside from their signature cupcakes, cakes and cookies, they also serve Halal western cuisine. Find their menu here. From beef and chicken burgers, they also have pasta and sandwiches! If you’re there, don’t give their Mocha and other coffee beverages a miss!

In addition, they sell cookies in jars. Flavours include salted caramel dark chocolate, peanut butter crunch, koko polka chips and red velvet darlings. Also, try their vanilla almond bar, pineapple cheese bar, koko fudge and chocolate sandwich. Other popular choices are also arabian meltaways, almond snaps and chocolate oatmeal.

The founders are Ifzan Ibrahim, Nurhadzlena, Haliza Halim, Fatin Sabrina, Dzurina Dzulkhaini and Dzuriati Dzulkhaini.

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