Uli SG

Uli SG

We have great news for you Popiah Basah lovers! Uli SG is a Halal Home Based Business dishing out real homemade Popiah Basah in Singapore.

Founded by owner Fifa, each Popiah Basah is seriously packed with fillings.

The two main things we always look for in popiah is the fresh filling that’s wrap around by popiah skin and of course the sauce! Uli SG makes sure to handmade the popiah with fresh ingredients that contains prawn, crabmeat, and eggs. As for the sauce, it’s all from scratch- it’s not too savory or too sour, it’s just perfect which is what we expect from popiah dish.

Best way to indulge in this is first to sprinkle some of the finely-chopped nuts provided by Uli SG. Prepare yourselves as you dip generously into the silky aromatic popiah sauce. If you’re the kind to love to indulge more on the sauce, go ahead and pour all of it on your popiah.

Oh! The crunch from the nuts mixed with the flavours of its complementing sauce and not to mention the freshness of its vegetable fillings – it’s safe to say happy tummy equals to a happy day!

Uli SG also bakes some amazing tartlets!

Their tartlets are a must try, made with premium chocolate, cream, and butter. So if you’re looking for something to accompany your events or family gathering – have you thought about getting some tartlets?

These tartlets consist of 4 flavours:⁠

• Fruit tart⁠
• Coconut Lime⁠
• Lemon meringue⁠
• Chocolate tart⁠

Grab yours today!⁠

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