TreeSea by 3C Cafe

TreeSea by 3C Cafe

TreeSea by 3C Cafe serves not only delicious but aesthetically-pleasing food. At this halal-supplied cafe, dig in to dishes such as their Oreo Crumble Pancakes, Rendang Chicken Burger, Mushroom Charcoal Beef Burger, Egg Mayo Panini and Honey Almond Orange Flourless Cake.

This place is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a chill hang out session with your besties. Laugh and create memories over a variety of unique cakes. Just to list some, there’s their Homemade Earl Grey Butterfly Pea Flower Cake, Flourless Granny Apple Cake and their Pyrus Pear Crumble Cake. Enjoy these over a cup of Matcha Latte.

If you’re one to care about Monosodium glutamate (MSG), fret not! TreeSea Cafe intentionally sources ingredients which are free from it.

This cafe serves food and drinks sourced from “suppliers (which) are certified halal distributors, and we serve no pork, no lard, no msg, no alcohol in cooking too :)” (via FB Messenger)

Find TreeSea by 3C Cafe here.

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