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One of the things that we love are rissoles!

Rissoles are cylindrical in shape, bite sized and comes in a variety of flavours. They are essentially a small patty enclosed in pastry, or rolled in breadcrumbs, usually baked or deep fried. The fillings are usually savoury most often minced meat, fish or cheese, and is served as an entrée, main course, or side dish. 

Rosnee from the @thesweeto_s is a Halal home based vendor that specialises in desserts and savoury treats including Rissoles!

Truly dedicated for the young ones, these are creamy, rich and eggy, exactly how you would love it! The rissoles it self has a slight crisp on its outer with a melt-in-your-mouth experience. It’s so filling that these egg mayo ones will definitely keep your kids full throughout the day!

With a kick of spice, get your spicy tuna rissoles for a fresh and tantalising taste of the sea. The tuna meat is tender with a pinch of delicate spiciness!

Breaded and deep fried until the outer skin is golden brown and crispy while the ragout inside stays soft and creamy.  This delightful, European influenced snack is served with bird’s eye chili pepper. Hence, for that extra kick, bite both into the chicken ragout and chilli padi at the same time!

A simple yet clever twist to the Egg Mayo rissoles, we love the harmonious blend of salty and sour with the rich and creamy egg mayo in every golden rissole!

What we love about the spicy corn beef is its wonderful taste of sweet beefy, slight sour, and spicy all at the same time! Another one that also truly filling, we love these afternoon snacks on demand!

Enjoy your rissoles on birthday parties, holidays or any festivities! The perfect breakfast and afternoon snack, bite into the green and red chilli padi for that extra kick!

More Info on The Sweet O’s
The sweet o’s was established in 2014 when it started off with selling cookies .The sweet o’s then ventured into small home based business, selling Rissoles. Since then , they have created 6 other different fillings. The most popular is the chicken ragout followed by spicy tuna & spicy corn beef.

F&B,Safety and Hygiene certified

Rissoles are available frozen or ready to eat. Place your orders one week in advance to avoid disappointment!

6 reviews

  1. Love the Rissoles

    Love the rissoles with the spicy corn beef filings. Not forgetting the sambal kicap…berdesuttttt

  2. Satisfied guaranteed

    Honestly ive tried all 7 diff flavours of rissoles & all of them is just top notch and rlly worth the price and the fillings sume manpat .

  3. Satisfaction guaranteed!

    My favourite rissoles is the spicy cornbeef! Dipped with cili kicap mmg sedap!!! A great combination. And the fillings are generous, so full!

  4. Reminds me of Batam

    I ordered 10 pieces of frozen chicken ragout first. I am a very skeptical person. Fried them and tried them. They taste like the ones I ever tried in Batam! The filling is so generous!! Wow! So, to satisfy my taste bud, the very next week I ordered another 20 pieces, spicy corn beef & spicy tuna (10 each). I fried some for my siblings and neighbours. They loved the rissoles too!! It’s neatly packed even though they are frozen. Worth the wait and worth the money. Remember to order yours earlier just like me!

  5. Love love the rissoles!!! Eat it while it is still hot with either sambal kicap or the cili padi and you will not stop eating! Generous with the fillings, which is awesome!!! You cam have them anytime in the day and you won’t be sick of it!

  6. Authentic!

    The taste of authentic Batam rissoles. Had ordered a few times already and each time it never disappoint me and my family. Looking forward to order again. The crispy outer layer, soft texture on your first bite! The generous filling makes you continue eating. You will never get tired of it!

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