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There’s just something about sliders or mini hamburgers that makes the perfect food for parties. Whether your guest list comprises of adults or kids, these sliders from Halal home based Muslim owned vendor, The Orange Stove, makes awesome and irresistible chicken, beef and fish sliders for your whole party pack!

These sliders indeed look good on a platter. They’re handheld, but hearty, and the options for fillings are endless. From the Classic Cheeseburgers to Katsu Chicken in Honey BBQ Sauce sliders and Battered Fish with Apple Cole (Slaw), we recommend getting a mix of all flavours to satisfy your curiosity and party hunger!

Snack-sized cheese mini burgers paired with a coke on your sides, these best-selling sliders are a crowd-pleaser. Top with the melty cheese, griddled and caramelized onions and double beef patties tucked neatly in between handmade 3-inch brioche buns, be ready to tuck into these sliders! Delicious and oh-so-satisfying!

These sliders are another of our favourite! The Katsu Chicken in Honey BBQ sauce sliders reminds us of Japanese-styled burgers where you get a unique combination flavours of BBQ, sweet honey and japanese soy sauce. The taste is very unique, with tartness from the sauce giving an overall salty and sweet at the same time!

The Battered Fish with Apple Cole (Slaw) is also a Signature flavour at The Orange Stove. Here you’ll love the refreshing, creamy yet tangy Asian apple slaw that complements the crispy battered fish fillet. These sliders are really kids-friendly, making this one of the most tasty family dinner too!

Hence, even if you don’t have a party to throw, The Orange Stove sliders make a fun family meal too —no party required!

Price list: Starts from $13 for a box of 3. Box of 9 will be $30 and Box of 16 will be $50. Delivery charges apply.

Founder’s names: Azreen & Ansari

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