Tapak Kuda By Linda

Tapak Kuda

What is Hari Raya without the much loved Tapak Kuda? Tapak Kuda By Linda is a Halal home based Muslim owner specialising in delicious Tapak Kuda (horseshoe rolls) in various flavours including bestsellers Nutella and Ovomaltine!

Tapak Kuda By Linda promises a super soft and moist with a generous filling Tapak Kuda where you’re left very filled and satisfied snacking on this wonderful sweet treat.

An all-time favourite Raya treat, Kuih Tapak Kuda, or sometimes known as “hoof roll” because of its resemblance to a hoof, is essentially a rich roll cake filled with chocolate filling or more often today Nutella.

From the beautiful swirled skin of the Tapak Kuda to its flowy content of Nutella or Ovomaltine Tapak Kuda, these treats are loved by the young and old.

If you’re thinking of getting tapak kuda this Ramadan for you and your loved ones, look no further than Tapak Kuda By Linda!

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