Tahu Berg

Tahu Bergedil

Tahu Berg serves the best Tahu Bergedil in Singapore, and they can prove it! A Muslim-owned brand does its Tahu Bergedil with utter crisp and generous filling that you would want to try all available flavours!

Founded by Liyana Berg, Tahu Berg has grown in popularity rightfully so especially with the premium quality of these deep-fried to perfection stuffed tahu.

Their Tahu Bergedils are firstly made from potatoes and breadcrumbs. Available in the original Plain or Beef and Chicken, Black pepper or Beef Rendang, you could even opt for more daring flavours like Beef Cheese, Chicken Cheese, Turkey Cheese or a power combination of Beef, Chicken and Cheese!

It’s an indulgence of Tahu Bergedils to say the least but it is simply so satisfying and filling that you would want to have these on days where you need that extra energy boost!

To further accentuate the overall Tahu Bergedil experience is to add that spicy sweet Sambal Kicap sauce and you’ll get an explosion of flavours of crisp-yet-oh-so-soft potatoes, minced meat, cheese and tofu with the spicy kick.

We highly recommend the ones especially stuffed with cheese fillings…oh yum!
Price list:
Plain – $8
Beef/Chicken – $10
Beef Cheese / Chicken Cheese / Turkey Cheese – $12
All out (Beef + chicken + cheese) – $13
Blackpepper Chicken – $11
Beef Rendang – $11

Opening hours:
Thursday – Sunday, you can do delivery or self-collect from 11 am to 2 pm.

Contact details : +6591902275

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