Tahoo Perkedel

Tahu Bergedil

Who would have thought that Tahoo and Perkedel can become one? Tahoo.Perkedel is a halal home based vendor that specialises in Tahu Bergedil!

Tahoo, or tofu, is a dish made out of soybean that you can either cut and fry as a snack or steam. As for bergedil or perkedel is a dish made out of fresh mashed potatoes and fry it to get that beautiful brown crisp on the outside but still soft on the inside. 

The food trend of tahu bergedil continues to be on the rise in terms of popularity as this snack makes a filling and fun way to enjoy! Both the young and old would love these tahu bergedil. Tahoo.Perkedel creates this dish only with fresh ingredients which includes minced meat beef, shallots, celery, and eggs. Of course, to complete the flavour, they made a homemade sweet-yet spicy chili sauce (Sambal Kecap) to go with it.

You can have the tahoo perkedel with or without dipping into the chili sauce. Still, it’s best to have it as the sweet sauce really compliments the savoury crisp from the tahoo perkedel. If you’re worried about whether it’s going to be spicy, do not worry since the sauce’s spicy level is mild.

Now prepare a plate, get on or two big scoops of rice, pour the chili on the rice side, and take a couple of tahoo pekedel. Dig in! Such a simple way to fully experience a rich flavourful dish. 

Price list:

Tahoo Perkedel

15 pcs – $15

25 pcs – $25

50 pcs- $48

Sambal Kecap Sauce

90ml-200ml : $4

Islandwide delivery – $10 per trip

Contact details: +6587278391/ Tisa

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