Sweet Celebrations SG

Sweet Celebrations SG

What a sweet celebration indeed!

Sweet Celebrations SG is a halal home based bakery business in Singapore that bakes various outstanding bakes quite unique in its own ways.

One of Sweet Celebrations SG signatures is the Tres Leche cake. Also known as a milk cake, Tres leches also literally means, “three milks”. It’s an ultra light sponge cake soaked in a sweet milk mixture. Where it is so popular in Mexico and Latin America, Tres Leche cake is becoming more popular here in Asia.

Super soft, light and airy, this sponge cake carries many air bubbles. This is because of its whipped egg whites in the batter that make it extra light and spongy. Served with chilled creamy milk sauce all soaked in the cake, the tres leches cake is a delight in every bite.

Sweet Celebrations SG serves three different kinds of tres leches cake flavours namely Coffee, Vanilla, and Pistachio.

With its swirly whipped cream top with sprinkled pistachio, the tres leches also makes a good surprise gift especially to those who loves an afternoon tea with cake! Light on the palate, it’s not too sweet making this cake an enjoyable dessert to have.

Sweet Celebrations SG is also know for their extraordinary homemade chocolate brownies. Far from the typical brownies, these fudgey chocolatey confection is stuffed with local favourite elements like Snickers Brownie, Ferraro Rocher Brownie or Biscoff Brownie. What you’d get is party in your mouth!

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