Sopoong 소풍

Sopoong Halal Korean Restaurant serving Halal foods. Kimchi, bibimbap, Udon and more!

Sopoong 소풍 is a Halal restaurant serving halal foods of the Korean cuisine! They pride themselves as serving authentic Korean foods at affordable prices.

Their mains contain bibimbap with soup. This include dolsot bibimbap, haemul (seafood) bibimbap, chicken bulgogi dolsot bibimbap. Meat with rice dishes include chicken bulgogi, dakgalbi and samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup). Stew with rice are also a must try where they use earthenware for your bulgogi dishes!

Halal Korean fried rice are also available. They include chicken bulgogi bokkeumbap and kimchi bokkeumbap.

If you’re a fan of squid, try their Jukkumi Bokkeum which are stir-fried baby octopus.

Skip the rice dishes and try also their Korean noodle dishes! These include Mandu Guk (Dumpling soup with noodles). Japchae is also good!

Sopoong has many varieties of Udon. These include Eomuk (Fishcake) udon, Haemul (seafood) Udon, Bokkeum Udon (Stir-fried Udon with veggies) and Kimchi Udon.

Furthermore to the noodles, they serve delicious Korean instant noodles. These include Kimchi Ramyeon, cheese ramyeon, curry ramyeon, Rice cake ramyeon, chicken ramyeon and mandu ramyeon.

As a side dish, try their Korean rolls, Mandu and Toppoki!

For large groups, try their hotpots including bulgogi jeongol and kimchi jeongol.

Lastly, for beverages, ditch the usual ice lemon teas and try for good Korean traditional tea! These include Korean jujube tea, Korean citron tea, Korean ginger tea, Korean ginseng tea and sweet rice punch!



4 reviews

  1. Seafood stew

    Nice and worth it!

  2. Jajangmyun

    nice but a bit pricy.. 🙂

  3. Putrajaya Branch Halal?

    May I know Sopoong at IOI Mall,Putrajaya branch halal or not?

    1. Hi there!

      They are halal-supplied! Pork-free and alcohol-free.

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