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Traditional Malay Kuih

If you’re one to look for authentic traditional Malay kuih, Sesudu Sesama serves some really good kuihs for your gatherings and festivities! A muslim owned Halal home based vendor that specialises in these delicious treats promises wonderful Putri Salat Lepat, Kuih Pineapple Tarts, Orange Butter Cookies, biscotti, Kuih Bakar – even durian ones, Kole Kole Kacang and Pulut Serunding, among others!

Get hold of their Aidilfitri Riang Ria Box for your Eid this year to get your families and friends impressed at your party table!

AIDILFITRI RIANG RIA BOX (consisting of Pulut Serunding & Putri Salat Lepat)
These balls of glutinous rice wholly wrapped generously with specks of aromatic and mildly spicy grated coconut shavings are simply heavenly. The bright serunding against the white glutinous rice is already a winner and when you take a bite, the wonderful soft and chewy texture of the glutinous rice combined with the fragrantly spiced sweet and sour taste of the serunding is simply rewarding!

It goes by many names; Kuih Seri Muka or Kueh Salat are some of them. Either way, no one can ever make a pass for Putri Salat Lepat! A popular kuih in Singapore and Malaysia, this beauty is made with pressed sticky glutinous rice infused with black eye beans layered with coconut egg custard flavoured with pandan! You’d love this for its flavourful, aromatic, moist yet sturdy dessert. It’s simply decadent!

This heirloom Kuih is a must have at every festive table. Kuih bakar is sometimes also called kuih kemboja after the frangipani flower, because the old-fashioned moulds it was once baked in closely resembled the flower. The Kuih Bakar Durian at Sesudu Sesama is soft and amazingly smells of delicious luscious durian! With a slightly crispy crust, it gives way to a plump, soft, lightly eggy interior laced with durian flavours.

Pineapple tarts are a treat beloved by all! This is a kuih tart that would definitely impress your house guests with. Their pineapple tarts are amazing because they melt in the mouth — making the tarts absolutely soft, creamy and tame to the tongue. You’d get a distinctive pineapple flavour and acidity and it’s crust soft to the touch has a good texture and enough salt!

These soft, buttery orange swirl cookies, made from scratch truly reminds us home because it’s baked so lovingly you could taste the love from these treats! We love the delicious orange zest and orange juice baked in this cookie! With colourful sprinkles topped on each cookie, even the little ones would wanna try them!

Everyone of us can’t resist good almond and dried cranberries biscotti. It’s thin crisp and dotted with the nut and dried berry! A great pairing with your favourite cup of coffee or tea, these are too good!

Ala-Carte Options:
🌺Kueh Bakar Durian $5
🌺Kueh Bakar Labu $5
🌺Putri Salat Lepat 8×8 inches $32 (also available in 8×4 inches for $17)
🌺 Putri Salat Durian 8×8 inches $35 (also available in 8×4 inches for $18)
🌺Pulut Serunding min5pcs $3

Riang Ria Aidilfitri Box (Hari Raya special)
🌺 $20

For Kuih Raya,
🌿Orange Butter Cookies = 30pcs $12,
50pcs $20
🌿Kuih Tart = 50pcs $25, 100pcs $48
🌿 Biscotti = 150g for $15

Opening hours: weekly bakesale on Friday (Self-Collection only) & Saturday (delivery & self- collection available)
Contact details: Kindly DM instagram @sesudusesama for enquires and payment details

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