Segar Star Vista

Segar Star Vista Halal Thai Chinese

Segar Star Vista is a Halal restaurant that serves delicious Halal foods. They are of Thai Chinese Cuisine. Some of the items on the menu:  signature fish head curry, Mee Goreng and Char Kway Teow. In addition, Fried Rice of various kinds, Nyonya lady fingers. A Must-Try Dish is the Cream Sauce Prawn and Claypot Golden Chicken. The restaurant also serve crabs like Chilli Crab Party and Black Pepper Crab.

Furthermore, other Chinese Thai dishes include Thai Steam Fish and Home-made Pandan Leaf Chicken. In addition to their great dishes, their friendly team are both attentive and quick to be at your service.

The restaurant is suitable for big groups with children.

Top 10 Halal Thai Chinese Family Restaurant
* The Recommeded Halal Family Restaurant
* Best Multi-Racial Pro Family Restaurant
* Best Neighborhood Family Cafe

Find their menu here.

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