Saung Sunda

If you’re looking for a delicious alternative to Nasi Ayam Penyet, you should definitely try Nasi Liwet from for an ultimate Authentic recipe of Sundanese cuisine!

Saung Sunda is a Halal home based vendor that specialises in Authentic Sundanese dishes including the Nasi Liwet, Batagor and Satay Sunda.

Nasi Liwet
The first impressions of Saung Sunda’s Nasi Liwet is definitely appealing. Cooked in coconut milk, chicken stock, lemongrass, and Indonesian bay leaves (daun salam), the aromatic and fragrant rice is both rich and wonderfully flavoured. Served with tender chicken thigh, fresh condiments of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, deep fried tofu and tempe, Saung Sunda’s Nasi Liwet is highly recommended to be consumed with its ever so popular Cabe Sambal Ijo or Cabe Sambal Sunda Merah!

The explosion of fresh Indonesian spices with a kick of spiciness coming from the Cabe Sambal Sunda Merah, it’s addictive even as the heat takes a toll on you!

Definitely a must-try for the whole family!

Saung Sunda’s Sundanese Batagor is made of deep fried dumplings, made with fish or meat paste stuffed inside tofu and wonton skin and served with peanut sauce and chilli! We love the crunch and the perfect fishy and saltiness as an afternoon snack!

Sundanese Satay from Saung Sunda is different from the usual chargrilled satay that we’re used to. Sweet, juicy and succulent with a sweet saltiness, these Satay Sunda are barbecued to perfection with a beautiful brown glaze. Dip into its crunchy rich, creamy and nutty peanut sauce, it’s supremely heavenly. With the crunchy cucumbers and soft lontong rice cakes, Satay Sunda makes a complete meal!

A must buy for every meal, the Cabe Sambal Ijo is addictive despite that it is not particularly spicy. The fragrance from fresh ingredients including green chilli, lemongrass, onions and kaffir lime simply makes this one of a unique sambal must-have for your feast

Cabe Sambal Sunda Merah
Spicy yet very flavourful, the Cabe Sambal Sunda Merah colour is so alive and aromatic with so much fresh flavours and texture. Just having this sambal along with fluffy rice makes a delicious meal. Homemade and freshly made, Saung Sunda’s is another must try!

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