Popzdinary Popiah Sg


Popzdinary Popiah Sg is a Halal Home-based frozen popiah vendor with a unique twist to its fillings.

Moving away from the traditional fillings of popiah (spring rolls) that would typically be potatoes, sardines or veggies, Popzdinary specialises in carbonara and beefy bolognese popiah.

The perfect finger food for events and parties, every bite of Popzdinary popiahs reminds us of pasta with a crunch packed in a neat spring roll; something the young and old would love to munch on. When dipped with the homemade tartar sauce or spicy green chilli (seasonal monthly sauces), it gives a definite kick.

Popzdinary common ingredients used include:
Chickz Carbonara – chicken breast, onion, heavy cream, salt and pepper
Beefy Bolognese – tomato puree, salt, pepper, minced beef and onions

Popzdinary also holds monthly specials for sauces and fillings, hence stay tuned to their IG for more details!

Popzdinary is available for islandwide delivery or self pick-up.

Price list:
1) ChickZ Carbonara – $10 for 14 pieces/pkt
2)BeefY Bolognese – $10 for 14 pieces/pkt
3)PopZ Sauce – $0.50

Opening hours: Pre-orders (Every Tues and Fri)
Order form: bit.ly/popzdinaryorder

Contact details: @Popzdinary / popzdinary@gmail.com

Founders: Zul & Sabrina

6 reviews

  1. The best!!!!

    Love the popiahs so much! Especially the chicken carbonara! I’ve ordered from them several times already and can never get enough!! 10/10!!

  2. Great Party Snacks!

    I’m more of a fan of traditional popiahs.

    However, if you are looking for party snacks, this is a must try. It’s definitely one notch above the other spring rolls you get during buffets/ events.

    Personally, I feel that the proportion is always the most important for spring rolls like such. The crust is well proportioned with the amount of fillings inside. I personally like the BeefY Bolognese as the fillings really packs that oomph.

    However, if you are looking for a lighter touch, the ChickZ Carbonara might suit your palettes more.

    Great for party snacks!

  3. Nice

    Very tasty and worth it

  4. i loveeee their chickZ carbonara popiah!!! bought from them twice — in august /sept they also had a special flavour (beefy steak which has capsicum). i think the price is super worth it cuz for $10 a packet then i get 14 popiahs i bought 2 packets the first time and 3 packets the second time and both times they lasted slightly more than a month in my freezer. EVERYONE ive cooked this for also enjoys it. not a fan of the beef bolognese cuz i dont like tomato (if u like the pizza tomato taste then u shld be ok w it). but the chickz carbonara is soooo good and everyone loves it (ive cooked for my family and friends cuz each packet is so generous). when i cook for them they always say wow smells so good hahaha.

    cooking time, just rmb not to leave it in the pan lol. need to fry. i just add a bit of oil in a nonstick pan and heat it, then pop in the popiahs and turn regularly for about 7 mins? to get the crispy feel need to put at high heat but watch the popiah cuz ive burnt them on a few occasions already. just need to scrape of the skin (which is sad cuz nicely toasted skin is so good).

    oh ive only tried their popz sauce, not bad. kind of like tartar sauce taste. goes very well with the popiah.

    some ppl maybe dont like beefy steak cuz got capsicum but im ok with it! very fresh taste.

    so when i cook for myself i eat like 3 or 4 popiahs plus some vegetable and some carbs. easy complete meal (:

    the only downside is that when u put in the freezer, the popiahs stick together. how ive worked around this is when u first receive it, make sure u separate the popiahs (maybe into 3s or 4s, depending on how many u want per serving). store them separately. when u ready to eat, microwave at like low/medium heat for abt a minute. then it will defrost enough to not stick together. then can start to cook and makan! ❤❤

    jiayou zul & sabrina! amazing food yall have here

  5. love them so much

    i love them so much!!! ordered the beef bolognese and chicken carbonara twice and we loved them! its a must to get the sauce also it’s like tartar/mayo that kind but it has that special taste to it that goes really well with the popiahs. i havent got the chance to try their seasonal specials tho, will definitely be getting some soon!


    Im not a fan of bolognese but their popiah is just amazing. Their cabonara flavour is tip top and comes with an amazing sauce. Those who have yet to try, have to try! You won’t regret! Nice job guys

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