Plants to Pints Creamery

Plants to Pints Creamery

Don’t let the heat turn your smile upside down! One way to beat it is to get yourself a pint of happiness from Plants to Pints Creamery. Plants to Pints Creamery is a Halal Home Based Ice Creamery in Singapore.

Founded in September 2020, Plants to Pints Creamery’s concept is a marriage of two elements – premium tea and ice cream. While the common ingredients of an ice cream are essentially the same – milk, cream, corn starch and sugar, Plants to Pints Creamery infuses premium picked tea leaves for the ice cream, ensuring fragrant scented ice creams to indulge in.

For instance, the Classic Earl Grey ice cream is where you’re firstly able to taste the original black Early tea with hints of citrus. Made into an ice cream, you’d definitely get the creamy yet lightly sweet taste of Earl Grey ice cream in a bright, refreshing, and bold way.

The Chrysanthemum with Caramel Biscuits is one that tastes of sweet honey essence in a milky creamy concoction. While the Chrysanthemum is mildly sweet with a hint of buttery warmth, the caramel complements it, giving it a rich and creamy overall.

Because these flavours are so unique in their own ways, purchasing more than one flavours is definitely recommended and often the case especially when you’re bold to try all of them!

*11.11 Promo*

Free delivery (usual price $8) with a minimum spend of $30. Ends on 11 Nov (Thurs)

Get each pint for just $10 and only $15 for their Monthly special flavour – Matcha. Drop them a direct message at their Instagram anytime, or you can contact directly to order.

Contact details: +6586183634 / Iman

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