Peranakan Kway Chap

Peranakan Kway Chap

Did you know that the Kway Chap dish is among the nine latest additions to the intangible cultural heritage inventory created by the National Heritage Board (NHB) in Singapore?

Yes! This dish which originated from China is not only becoming a hawker staple but a favourite among many Singaporeans! Today, we are so thankful to have Peranakan Kway Chap, a Halal Muslim owned specialist of the dish to serve such comfort food to our tired souls!

Historically speaking, the kway chap was introduced to Singapore by early migrants from the Chaoshan region in China. The dish comprises broad sheets of rice noodles served in a bowl of piping hot broth. Of course today we have many different variations of kway chap.

The Peranakan Kway Chap is made of a delicious soulful beef broth of tender, juicy and freshly braised beef to be eaten with the triangular pieces of rice noodles. The broth that is typically made with fresh ingredients including dark soya sauce, ginger, garlic and a selection of spices, such as five-spice powder and cinnamon sticks, are added to make the broth. As the broth simmers, the dry sheets of rice noodles are cut into triangular pieces and boiled alongside the same broth. The result is a mildly spiced and delicious soothing bowl of noodle beef soup that is seriously comforting. We love how the cooked rice noodles are drenched and served in a generous bowl of beef broth!

What more can you ask for especially after a hard day’s work. Peranakan Kway Chap is really something you can really look forward to!

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