Penny University

Penny University is a Halal cafe in Singapore, London-inspired.

Penny University is a Halal restaurant-cafe in Singapore serving Halal foods inspired by London. They serve breakfast, all-day brunch, sandwiches and lunch and dinner.

Firstly, a healthy breakfast of smoothie bowls and granola at the cafe. They also have Turkey ham and Chee croissant along with toasts. Secondly, their all-day brunch consists of popular items like eggs benedict, eggs florentine, Spanish Omelette.

Thirdly, choose from a wide variety of sandwiches of steak and cheese, salmon guacamole and Pesto Chicken. Also try their Grilled Beef Pastrami and Cheese! In addition, they also have Mushroom and Spinach and Grilled Cheese.

If you’re on a date and looking for something sweet, the Halal cafe serves buttermilk waffles! Furthermore, it is entirely up to your imagination and appetite to customise your waffles! Choose from toppings like strawberries, blueberries, chocolate and salted caramel! Add a dash of vanilla and bannoffee ice cream and you’ll impress your date!

Of course, there are cakes and coffees to go along with your conversation so be sure to check out their counter for the whole spread! Some favourites are Earl Grey cake, Pandan Gula Melaka cake and Yuzu Cheesecake!

Find their menu here.

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