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Focaccia Bread

Soft and pillowy with an incredible aroma of rosemary focaccia that distinctly reminds you of home, the focaccia loaves of freshly baked breads from Olive & Tomato are truly amazing. The pairing of the cut loaves with the homemade Tomato and Garlic in Olive Oil Confit is also a homerun. Olive & Tomato is a Halal home based baker that specialises in freshly baked focaccia bread!

The first look at the Pomodoro and Kalamata focaccia is enough to make us fall in love with it. From the moment we peel open the bread bag from the loaf, the wonderful aroma of rosemary gently layered with the deep purple Kalamata olives washes over you. We love how studded the loaf is with the olives and tomato cherries with the right amount of rosemary sprinkles peppered evenly from the middle right to the end of the bread. This focaccia was everything we had hoped it would be – the puffy center and slightly crisp crust with the rosemary, tomato and olive overalls makes this loaf a wonderful pairing with cheese, a bowl of soup or salad!

Taking up a notch, the Parmigiano Focaccia is also a favourite. Like it’s cousin, this loaf is equally fragrant and wonderfully flavoured without the overbearing rosemary aroma. The use of Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano granular cheese and garlic in the loaf certainly adds a little more drama and dimension to the overall taste and texture to the focaccia. We’re talking about having only a quarter left of the loaf by dinnertime because the loaf is just so delicious!

The process of this confit takes place at a lower temperature (than deep frying) where the long, slow roasting brings out their natural sweetness and concentrate of the tomato and garlic flavours! What you get is an deep infusion of fragrant flavours and we absolutely love layering it with our focaccias!

Leftover Focaccias can be stored 2-3days in room temp,
Longer then that store frozen in airtight container

Founders: sisters Syakirah & Khairiah

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  1. Aromatherapy from a Freshly Bake Focaccia

    Calming and soothing feeling in every bit.

    The country smell from the bread is just amazing, it’s like you on a vacation somewhere near a beach with the sound of the sea wave beating the beach.

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