Banana Puddings By The Pint

Is it cold? Yes. Is it ice cream? Nope. It’s simply the most refreshing cold pudding dessert you can ever imagine. If you have never heard of Okieco before, it is a Halal Home Based vendor specialising in Banana based puddings. OkieCo started back in June 2020 and ever since then they been putting smiles on everyone’s faces with their homemade banana pudding.

Their pudding is made with wafer cookies and cream that is between the wafers. The cream is so light and fluffy is like having clouds in your mouth and the bananas are so fresh! All you have to do is just put them in the fridge before you have it and when you do, there’s only two words to describe the pudding – Creamy Rich!

Go check out their Instagram and order at @Okie.co

They say sharing is caring but in this case just be sure to order more, sharing one pint will cause you trouble!

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