Stay Happy and munch on! That’s what Oh.Coolynn is telling us, a halal Muslim-owned vendor specialising in a variety of cookies in unique different flavours!

Made available in three series – Classic series, Seasonal series, and Nuts series, Oh.Coolynn freshly bakes these cookies.

Cookie Crunch
These are classics. Opt for these especially if you’re a fan of the classic Hersey’s chocolate chip cookies where it’s something you can never go wrong with!

The Doublet
Who wouldn’t want more of those chocolate chip in their cookies? It’s an indulgence and simply a need especially on your bad days. We love the decadence and the luxurious taste to these cookies.

Cookie Heist
The striking red colour is simply refreshing. The red velvet outlook of these cookies simply makes these cookies a standout at your party table! Opt for these if you’re bored of the usual brown cookies! With white chocolate chips instead of the usual chocolate chips enveloping the cookies, these Cookie Heist is a refreshing change!

Minty Grinch
A unique and outstanding flavour, these Minty Grinch gives a minty aftertaste which we love to pair with coffee or tea. The mint is paired with dark Hersey’s chocolate chips and the overall is remarkable!

Dark Pistachia
Decadent with an added crunch, that’s what we love about the Dark Pistachia flavour. These cookies should be on your must-try too!

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