Nora Halal Paté

Halal Paté

Who would have imagine that the Halal market here in Singapore would have easy access to enjoy Halal paté? Yes! Nora Halal Paté is a Halal Muslim-owned vendor that specialises in Halal paté! From Duck rillette to Mushroom and Walnut Paté, Chicken Liver Paté and Onion and Cranberry Chutney, these are absolute gems when you want to have them in between your Sunday sandwiches or weekday brunch! If you’re having a cheese platter party at your regular picnic brunches with your loved ones, these Patés are an absolute must too!

To non-French eaters curious about pâte, the options can sound overwhelming, and frankly, unappealing but this staple of the French cuisine is something you ought to try especially when you’re one to look for an something different yet wholesome to layer your french baguette, loaf or biscuit with. Served cold or warm, Pâté is essentially a fancy meatloaf that’s been slow-cooked for hours till the chunks of meat is fine and smooth. There are pâté that are more rustic and coarse but we love the ones from Nora Halal Paté.

Slow cooked in its own fat for a whooping five hours, the duck rillette is not only fresh and contains no preservatives, it’s aromatic without being too overpowering. The spread is relatively smooth with nice layers of lean duck meat and fresh herbs including chives, parsley and ginger. The combination works, and works very well indeed. The duck rillette makes a fantastic appetizer or snack, spread over a crusty bread! Love it!

What is this? – you think, “I want to smell it again and again!” Yes, that’s exactly how we felt for the enticing mushroom and walnut pate! This is one unique texture and flavour of a pate and we adore it. A plant-based mushroom walnut pâté filled with garlic, herbs and lots of rich flavour, this pate is a must-try too! A tip; don’t spoon it up all at once (though you’ll be very tempted to do it!). Rather take a slab and put it on an open face slice of a toasted bread or cracker and savour it slowly!

With a wonderfully smooth and gently rich flavour, the chicken liver paté is a classic! Honestly, it’s worth setting aside any reservation you may have about chicken liver. This paté doesn’t have any of that overly-irony flavour. Instead, it’s smooth and delicately rich. We love the mild flavour and silky smooth paste that goes so evenly and nicely on any crusty toast or cracker!

This is one chutney we love for its experimental flavours. The lovely texture of this chutney is somewhere in between a between a jam, a relish, and a jelly and we guarantee you wouldn’t be able to find anything like this quite anywhere in Singapore. The onion and cranberry chutney is light with a delicious summer vibe. The tartness of the plump cranberries is balanced by the sweetness of the caramelised red onions. It’s vegan, nutritious and acts as a wonderful condiment to everything really; from basmati rice to breads and curry meat dishes! The combinations are limitless!

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