Nasi Bokhari Wak Jo

Nasi Bokhari

Move aside Nasi Mandi and Briyani for we are now in love with Nasi Bokhari from Nasi Bokhari Wak Jo! A Muslim-owned Halal vendor that specialises in this Middle Eastern dish, we love how aromatic, flavourful and delicious this spiced rice dish is!

Nasi Bokhari Wak Jo, which proudly cooks its Nasi Bokhari in their own mix of spices while still retaining the traditional mix of herbs and spices, is best paired with the freshly made Salata Hara Spicy sauce and Khyar bi Laban (cucumber in yoghurt sauce). Whether you choose the Chicken Nasi Bokhari or Beef Nasi Bokhari, you are definitely in for a surprise.

As you dig through, munch and wonder what exactly the mix of spices are, you would soon appreciate more and more of this saffron-infused Basmati satisfying and flavourful rice for there is no denying a myriad of spices has been used to cook the Bokhari rice.

And rightly so. History would tell us that the use of a generous variety of spices was already widely available during the Silk Road era where Bukhari was essentially birthed from the famous city of Bukhara. This was where the area was flushed with spices ready to be shipped and traded further afield. Hence, this dish accounts and reflects the spices one could have found among the famed Silk Road!

Because this rice has a wonderful fragrance, a complex taste, and a lovely colour (due to the shredded carrots), we do think it makes a great alternative to Biryani or Mandi Rice for your festivities including weddings!

Freshly made soft and cool Dadih is also available at Nasi Bokhari Wak Jo. It’s the perfect and ideal dessert right after your decadent Nasi Bokhari meal for it is truly soothing!

Enough said, get your Nasi Bokhari and Dadih from Nasi Bokhari Wak Jo!

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