Aglio Olio

Get your Aglio Olio and Creamy Pesto pasta fix from Nanabakescookies! Nanabakescookies, a Halal Home based Muslim owned vendor specialising in deliciously made pasta and freshly baked cookies for your everyday indulgence!

It starts by gently cooking garlic in a skillet with olive oil until it’s very lightly golden. With a pinch of red pepper flakes, which technically makes the dish aglio, olio, e peperoncino. They add a pleasant, warm heat without overcomplicating the basic garlic-and-oil flavour. Indeed, we are talking about the Aglio Olio pastas!

There are two versions of Nanabakescookies Aglio Olio Pastas available:
-Turkey Ham
-Turkey ham and Prawn

Choose between having it spicy (chilli padi is added) or non spicy (great for kids). Either way, we love how al dente the spaghetti are with a well-balanced all rounded flavour of Aglio Olio! With the generous additional ingredients of Turkey Ham and Prawns, the dish is definitely adds more depth to its flavour. How wholesome it is too!

The addition of red, green and yellow bell peppers adds more colour to the overall dish and we love that extra crunch it gives to the Aglio Olio.

To complete the meal, you have the Krunchy Kitkat cookies which uses chopped kitkats! Such a refreshing change to the usual chocolate chip cookies! Dunk it in milk or simply pair it with your favourite hot beverage of tea of coffee. Simply satisfying!

Price List
-Turkey ham $6
-Turkey ham and prawn $7

Contact :@nanabakescookies / 84102121
Founders :Suzana & Iskandar

Krunchy Kitkat cookies
-Chopped kitkat
-Not too sweet
-No nuts
Retailing at $14 per bottle of 45-50pcs.

Nanabakescookies holds random monthly promo or flash sale which is lesser than $14. Nanabakescookies also bakes fresh upon request.

Self collection at Woodlands Crescent
Delivery options available too for a fee.
$5 Woodlands
$10 Other areas

2 reviews

  1. Highly recommended

    I have ordered her cookies from the beginning and have recently started her pasta bowls. I love that the cookies are crunchy and not too sweet. They don’t stay long in the bottles cos my family wipe them out in no time! The pastas are awesome too. Worth trying!

  2. The best cookies and delicious pasta

    Masyaallah tried her dishes a few time. It’s really delicious, not lying. My kids loves her pasta too. The amount of pasta and the amount of ham is so generous. The prawns are so big, worth the money

    And for her cookies, we have been purchasing from her since last 2-3years and it’s been our favorite every since cause her the cookies taste like legit amos amous. No kidding.

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