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Martabak Manis

My Recipe For is a Halal Home based vendor specialising in delicious Jakarta Street Martabak Manis!

A bakery of other wonderful bakes including muffins, bread, cakes and other desserts, My Recipe For makes an authentic Jakarta Martabak Manis which is what we got a chance to indulge in!

Martabak Manis Wijsman Extra Filling

Filling : 1/2 cheese, 1/2 chocolate rice + peanut
Top finishing: Wijsman Butter

Link to menu (if any): @myrecipefor
Common ingredients used: flour, sugar, milk, water, eggs, salt, leavening agents
Price list: $15-$19
Opening hours: every Saturday (Pre-Order Only)
Contact details: @myrecipefor
Founder’s names: Alia

Many would know that Martabak Manis is a delightful treat in Indonesia where Indonesians would have this for breakfast or anytime of the day as a snack. Sweet and sinfully good, every Martabak Manis is so filling and satisfying that you’re still so tempted to get more flavours than you stomach!

It’s founder, Alia, uses only the freshest and premium ingredients for the pancakes which is why the pancakes turn our fluffy, soft and so good!

The sprinkled chocolate rice simply melts during its making and more so in your mouth as you bite into them! While the flavours takes the centrestage of these Martabak Manis, another ingredient is also worth mentioning.

Wijsman Butter – this Dutch butter is essentially guaranteeing the rich and creamy taste of the pancakes that it’s both indulgence and necessary. Juicy but not overly buttery, it’s a wonderful combination with the other elements like the chocolate and cheese of the Martabak Manis.

These Martabak Manis are indeed a great treat to have with your friends and family so get them today at My Recipe For!

All you have to do is check their Instagram at @myrecipefor and contact them by sending a personal message.

Price list: $15-$19

Opening hours: every Saturday (Pre-Order Only)

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