Muslim Street SG

Muslim Street SG

Muslim Street SG is a Muslim owned vendor that specialises in Halal Mala Xiang Guo and Halal Mala Tang!

Halal Mala Xiang Guo is a Chinese dish prepared by stir frying. It often contains meat and vegetables, and has a salty and spicy taste. The preparation process involves placing the required ingredients in the pot, stir frying and adding seasoning.

Mala Tang, on the other hand, is a common type of Chinese street food. It originated in Sichuan, but it differs mainly from the Sichuanese version in that the Sichuanese version is more similar to what in northern China would be described as hot pot.

Each bowl is brimming with ingredients like noodles, peanuts, lotus, fishball, fishcakes and sesame seeds evenly cooked in the mala sauce. Hence you’d get an explosion of flavours and textures with every mouthful.

As only fresh ingredients are used, it is best eaten as soon as you order them!

You can choose the level of spiciness too so this is especially good news to those who are careful with their chilli intake!

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