Molten Chocolate Cafe

Molten Chocolate Cafe

Molten Chocolate Cafe is for all the chocolate crazies out there! Be ready to savour the taste of dark, milk and white Belgium chocolate. Yummmmmy!

From Waffles, Crepes, Brownies, Lava cakes and Chocolate Fondues, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Whether you’re having Molten Chocolate Cafe for teatime, desserts or dinner, it’s worth the trip to try their Churros, Sushi Banana Crepes, Chocolate Fondue with Fruits waffles, Campfire Marsho or Hotplate Chocolate Cake. Oh, and don’t forget, their cup of hot chocolate is simply delectable as well.

This chocolate cafe (or shall I say “chocolate heaven”?) is good if you want to treat yourself on a self-care day but it’s even better with friends and family. (Calorie-sharing is always recommended right?

Molten Chocolate Cafe is halal-certified by JAKIM. Find their menu here.

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