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Pempek – do you know what this is?

Mia’s Snacks, a Halal home based Muslim owned vendor that specialises in homemade fish pempek for the family to enjoy!

Pempek is also widely known as Empek-Empek or Mpek Mpek. This is one of signature dishes from South Sumatera – Palembang. As with Mia’s Snacks, the delicious Pempek is typical of fish cake that is made of fish meat and tapioca powder and spices. Fried till golden brown, Pempek is often eaten with a sweet and sour sauce called Cuko which is typically made with brown sugar vinegar, chili, garlic and salt. It is said that the taste of the sauce must be acidly strong with the taste of sweetness and hotness at the same time! And when you savour Pempek, the crisp edges met with the soft and chewy warm interior of the succulent Pempek, it’s truly a snack you would have every other time!

The origin story of Pempek says that an old Palembang citizen was tired of the traditional fried or grilled fish, so he thought of an innovative way to ground the meat, mix it with tapioca flour, and deep-fry it to get a crunchy and delicious snack.

You’ll soon find out that you’d be enjoying Mia’s Pempek Snacks so tasty especially after it’s been fried!

Get your Pempek Lenjer (cylindrical shape) from Mia’s Snacks today!

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