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Tartlets, Chouquettes, Puffs

Mad Bout Bakes Official bakes some serious scrumptious tartlets – from chocolate to fruits, custard puffs and Chouquettes that we’ve fallen madly in love with! Mad Bout Bakes Official is a Halal Home based baker whose tartlets come in various flavours including egg, tutti frutti, nutella and more. Available in platters, you’d get an array of very attractive and wonderfully baked sweet treats for you and your family!

Egg Tartlets
So iconic is the egg tart that this egg tartlet is so easy to munch on. It’s soft and gentle interior – slightly sweet. Smooth and shiny, creamy, eggy and buttery flavour all in one go!

Tutti Frutti Tartlets (Fresh Fruits/Berries)
The first glance on these tartlets – so colourful, so fresh, so tempting to gobble them up at one go. Fresh and bursting with juicy fruit, rich pastry cream all packed in a deliciously sweet pastry crust, what’s there not to love about the Trutti Fruitti tartlet?

Citrus Tartlets (Lemon-Lime curd)
A wonderful marriage of lemon and lime curd, these Citrus Tartlets are also a tropical favourite! We love how zesty and tangy the overall finish with a balance cream flavour to it. So refreshing with the wonderful combination of different summer taste and textures!

Nutella Tartlets
These Nutella Tartlets are an easy favourite especially in Singapore. It’s a definite must-try and a staple especially at your dinner party! The roasted chocolate hazelnuts flavour tucked neatly in a tartlet will always be welcomed for any occasion!

Mango Tartlets
Adorable mini diced mangoes tucked neatly in the tartlets with a tart glaze over it – we love how it looks and it taste even better. A tropical floral taste with underlying hints of sourness, it’s such a wonderful treat to your palate!

Custard Puffs
Don’t be fooled by the cute size of these puffs; it’s packed with creamy custard that you have a mouthful the moment you pop it in! Eggy sugary cream goodness!

A pure chocolate indulgence. From the inside to the outside, these cream puffs are literally bathed in sweet and moist chocolate sauce. It’s a burst of creamy chocolate in every bite!

Nutella Puffs
An equally enjoyable puffs to the Profiteroles, these nutella puffs are packed with the flavour of your favourite roasted hazelnut chocolate! Go ahead, gobble them up!

Almond Craqueline Puffs
These gorgeous cream puff crack buns looks and taste so good! These makes the most delicious dessert bites for afternoon tea and coffee!

These Choux pastry consisting of a small portion of dough sprinkled with pearl sugar are a favourite amongst dessert lovers. It’s light, airy (feels almost guilt-free because they are not filled with anything) until you keep eating them because they are just so addictive! We can’t help ourselves!

Get your boxes of tartlets and puff platters from Mad Bout Bakes Official!

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