Living Room Cafe

Living Room Cafe, JB

Living Room Cafe


Are you an experimental foodie? Then, Living Room Cafe is for you! From Western, Japanese, Korean, Malay to Chinese Fusion cuisines, you’ll be spoiled for choice. They’ve got Honey Mustard Chicken, Fish and Chips, Tom Yam Spaghetti, Rendang Curry Chicken Rice, Korean Spicy Beef Rice and Kimchi Chicken Pie – just to name a few!

Even their desserts and drinks are unique! For instance, they serve Matcha Pie, Thai Milk Tea Pie, Chocolate Mint pie, Charcoal and Black Sesame Latte. Durian Smoothie is also available.

Living Room Cafe is pork-and-lard-free. Their meat sources derive from halal suppliers and their dishes do not contain alcohol. However, some of their drinks might contain alcohol. Hence, please check with their staff before placing an order.

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