Lins Popiah


Lins Popiah is a Muslim-owned Halal home-made brand specializing in beef and chicken popiah!

Founded by Lina, Lins Popiah serves six different kinds of popiah. These common ingredients are minced beef, shredded chicken, fresh vegetables, potatoes, and even cheese. Served them with their homemade chili kicap sauces, Lins Popiah would be the talk of your party!

One of the bestsellers is the Biryani Chicken Popiah where it is stuffed with Biryani spiced chicken shreds, potatoes and vegetable curry. There’s much heat from this one, giving your tastebud a kick – that we can assure you!

The original beef popiahs and sambal beef are equally tasty. Stuffed with spiced minced beef, we love these especially when it is freshly deep fried to golden perfection! With the wonderful crunch from the crispy popiah skin, it’s a burst of flavours in every mouthful. The sambal beef are also catered to those who especially love an extra heat with a cheesy indulgence. Truly, these sambal cheese beef popiahs simply pack a punch because it’s equivalent to having a spicy pizza crunch!

Every Popiah pack comes in 10 generous rolls. You can order just for yourself or as a treat in a party, you can even get it frozen so you can cook anytime you want or you want it delivered fried already. Lins Popiah giving you options for you to enjoy conveniently.

Price list:
Original Beef – $15
Sambal Beef- $15
Sambal Beef Cheese – $18
Chicken Biryani – $13
Chili kicap – $1
Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis – $1

Opening hours:
Delivery- Saturday and Sunday
Self collection – (only) Saturday, 10am to 12pm

Contact person:
Lina- +6598828859

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