Gulai and Lemak Chilli Api

Komoeshtash, a Halal Home Based vendor that specialises in authentic Malay home-cooked dishes including the Gulai Nenas Udang and Lemak Chilli Api Ayam, are simply tasty and flavourful. To be eaten with a pipping hot bowl of rice, the meals dished out by Komoeshtash could get anyone craving for more.

An old family favourite, having Gulai Nenas Udang alone with a bowl of rice is truly superb. Made with a spicy kick, one couldn’t have enough of its creamy and fragrant sauce where it comes to no surprise where one would really drench all the sauce over the rice before devouring it! Prepared with fresh ingredients including tangy pineapples, creamy coconut milk and a whole lot of herbs and spices, the Gulai Nenas Udang is robust in flavour. A beautiful blend of sweet-sourness and fruitiness of the pineapple, aromatic roots, brininess and sweet flavours of the fresh prawns, the Gulai Nenas Udang is truly a winner in the books of traditional Malay cooking.

Another one of our favourite, the lemak chilli api ayam carries the comforting tastes of both Thai green curry and the Malay coconut milk-based curry. Here you have a delicious and satisfying meal when you pair it with a plate of rice. One cannot deny that this dish is truly one of the evergreen dishes of all time, the lemak chilli api ayam uses fresh herbs including lemongrass, chillies, galangal, ginger and kaffir lime leaves. If you keep this dish for the next day, it tastes even better!

Common ingredients used: Salt, Meat, Chilli, Onions
Price List: Average > $10 (Depending on item)
Opening Hours: Its HBB therefore it simply based on orders received 🙂
Contact Details: IG DM

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