Kilah’s Kitchen

Curry Puffs & Roti Boyan

Curry Puffs. It must be flaky with a slight crisp on the outside with a soft dough in the inside, filled with savoury fillings of delicious homemade chicken potato curry, beef potato curry, spicy chunky sardines or fresh, crisp and juicy veggie!

Freshly made, fried to perfection, crispy and flaky deep-fried curry puffs paired with your favourite Teh Tarik – ah! These are the best times of our lives, truly!

And that’s exactly what we felt as we devoured the puffs from home based vendor Kilah’s Kitchen!

Muslim owned and family-run, Kilah’s Kitchen specialises in Beef Potato Curry, Chicken Potato Curry, Spicy Sardines and Veggie puffs. They also do Roti Boyan complete with its homemade Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis!

Beef Potato Curry Puffs
Fragrant with a wonderful marriage of spices used to make the beef potato curry, we dig into this crescent-shaped puffs to our delight! The beef gave a slight chewy texture while the potato is soft and spiced, simply melting away into one’s mouth.

Chicken Potato Curry Puffs
Similar to its counterpart, the chicken potato curry puffs are equally wonderful. The combination of sweet and savoury spices including cardamom, fenugreek, and cloves provide brightness and energy to the curry, while savoury spices like cumin and turmeric gives the puffs an overall deep, earthy taste. Oh much we love these!

Sardines Puffs
These sardine puffs certainly doesn’t disappoint. With its spicy chunky sardines packed in the flaky doughy crisp puffs, we’re talking about dense, rich delicious chilli sardines with a slight buttery taste from the crust. And mind you, these are huge puffs and it’s worth every calorie!

Vegetable Puffs
Stuffed with crisp beansprouts and then deep fried to give that super delicious flaky effect, dip these puffs into its homemade sweet and spicy, vinegared chilli sauce!

Roti Boyan
Distinctively round in shape, the traditional Roti Boyan makes a great breakfast item on the menu too. Its spiral edges that resembles the epok-epok are crisp and gorgeously buttery. The filling is made of potatoes, onions, celery, spring onions, pepper, salt and egg mixed well together. Dunk this super popular Malay snack into its homemade Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis, it’s a total bliss!

Kilah’s Kitchen also sells frozen epok-epok and roti boyan! Hence, if you’re thinking of a party next weekend, these curry puffs and Roti Boyan are a must at the party table!

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