Islamic Restaurant

Islamic Restaurant Biryani

Islamic Restaurant is a Halal restaurant specialising in Biryani. Mr Abdul Rahman was the master chef of the famous Alsagoff family. He founded Islamic Restaurant. Mr Abdul Rahman wonderful dishes had tantalised many guests. That included the famous Arab trader, Syed Ahmad Alsagof. For this reason, it prompted Mr Abdul to  start his own restaurant at North Bridge Road.

Today, the third generation of Mr. Abdul Rahman runs the Halal restaurant. Their Halal foods continue to serve their family secret recipes.

Some great dishes are chicken and mutton biryani. However, also try their fish biryani. In addition, they also serve North Indian foods like Naans, Masala and Kebabs.

For rice, they serve a variety. For instance, they are Kashmiri Pilau Rice, Vegetable Pilau Rice and Paneer Pulao. For desserts, they have Gulab Jamun and Caramel Pudding. Try their Teh Tarik (Pulled tea) along with your Biryani!


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